Puppy feeding

Tailored Feeding Programme for
Sindy Collins
Current Weight: 3.0kgs Predicted Adult Weight: 3.5-4kgs
Current Diet: Hills Puppy Mini 130g daily
Mealtimes: 90g in the Morning, 40g in the Evening
Treats: Use nuggets from Hills Puppy Mini as treats (for next two weeks only)
Drink: Water only
Specials Instructions: Exercise at least for 15 minutes twice a day preferably after feeding

Golden Rules of Puppy Feeding
Do not give your pet any scraps from the table, crusts of bread or human food
If possible remove your pet from any food preparation area whilst you are cooking/eating meals

  • Measure the food accurately on a scales
    Don’t guess or use “just a handful”, and be careful using measuring cups as these aren’t always accurate
  • Don’t leave food available at all times – Restrict meal times to 10-15 minutes around the same time every day
  • Do not give your pet any Wet food, Dentastix, Gravy Bones or similar products
  • Make Feeding time fun (Kong Wobbler or Slow Feed Bowl) – this will cause your pet to work for the food, make them feel fuller and increase the enjoyment of mealtimes
  • Do not add any supplements or fillers to your puppies food unless advised by the vet
  • Restrict treats to Training time only – don’t let it become a daily habit

And most importantly – Involve the whole family!

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